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Carpet Cleaning services

Affordable Rates; Quality Service

When it comes to carpet care, frequent, professional cleaning is the best way to extend your carpet life. Carpet manufacturers recommend frequent cleaning to increase the life of your carpet; although, daily wear and tear is also inevitable. We recommend cleaning your carpet every 6 to 12 months depending on the activity in your home. If you have a large household with children and pets you may want to clean your carpets every 3 months. Say goodbye to dirt, allergens, dust mites and other microscopic pollutants that reside in your carpet and say hello to healthy, clean air and carpet!

Move out cleaning services

Our Move-Out Cleaning Team Will Do All the Dirty Work

Move out cleaning is a great way to ease the burden of relocating. We understand just how burdensome moving and relocating can be. Let our team of professional do the dirty work for you. After your belongings are moved out, our cleaning team will come in and make your old place sparkle. You get your deposit back, your landlord is happy - It's a win, win for everybody! View our thorough move out PDF cleaning checklist, nothing is missed.

Move Out cleaning Services Columbus Ohio

House Cleaning Services

We Have Over 15+ years of Providing Professional, Dependable & Exceptional Cleaning Service.

Tell us what needs cleaned and how often and we'll customize one of our occupied cleaning packages just for you. Maybe you need a deep clean once a month....we got that covered! Maybe you just need the floors and bathrooms done...don't worry we can handle that too.


Classic Recurring Maid Service cleaning includes: Dusting furniture, tv's, ceiling fans and fixtures. Vacuuming floors and furniture. Polishing furniture. Cleaning tubs, showers, sinks and faucets. Cleaning mirrors, floors, light switches and door handles. Cleaning the trash can and removing the trash. Wiping down cabinets, countertops, cupboards, microwaves, the exterior of the refrigerator and the exterior and interior of the stove/oven.


We try to dispatch the same team each visit but it's not necessarily guaranteed. If your regular cleaning team is unavailable the day of your scheduled cleaning we will contact you prior to sending a new team member(s).

Maid  Service Cleaning Columbus Ohio

Top-to-bottom cleaning package

We Consider Ourselves to Be Detailed Cleaners

The Top-to-Bottom Scrub category is where the entire unit needs cleaned from top to bottom. Dirt or dust built up and or excessive debris and or pet hair. This package is our specialty. Our cleaning team shines in this area. If you're a renter and would like to get your entire deposit back, don't take any chances in trying to do everything yourself, leave the dirty work to us and trust the professionals; our PDF cleaning checklist says it all, nothing is missed.

Affordable Cleaning Columbus Ohio

kitchen and bathroom only package

Affordable Cleaning Services

The Bath and Kitchen Only Package is one of of most popular packages---- it's our limited cleaning package. This package is for those who need help with cleaning but would rather adhere to a cleaning budget. This package includes cleaning the kitchen and bathroom(s) only. NO other areas will be addressed. We realize that many people could use the extra help with cleaning but prefer not to have a full blown top-to-bottom clean.

Estate Cleaning Services

We will provide a team of professional cleaners and skilled handy-men to help relieve the stress and labor of cleaning out a departed loved one’s estate. We'll assist you with sorting possessions; you tell us what you want to keep, toss, sell, give to family members or donate to charity; we’ll help you move, box and clean everything up. If you’re selling or leasing the house our team of professionals will put your estate in good condition and make ready to sell or lease.

Do you live out of town? No worries, your team leaders will work with you every step of the way and keep you in constant communication. Our company will engage and oversee the coordination of boxing up wanted items, removing unwanted items, charity distribution, cleaning services and home repairs (carpet installation, drywall repair, painting, new flooring, etc.).

We assign two leaders for each project - one cleaning project manager and one handyman service leader to help streamline all your tasks and requirements. Losing someone dear is always traumatic, but cleaning out the household estate afterwards does not have to add to the family's circumstances.

Cleaning Payment Terms

1. Pay by check a few days before service (it has to clear before service is commenced).

2. Pay with cash the day of service.

3. Pay with any major credit card 48 hours before service (to make sure PayPal's holding process has cleared).

4. Payment is due before the cleaning service is commenced; unless it's a commercial contract.


1. Rates are determined by the layout, the size of the space (square footage), number of bathrooms, floors, windows, bedrooms etc.

2. The cleaning category required; The Bath and Kitchen Only Cleaning, Top-to-bottom Cleaning or our Classic Recurring Maid Service.

3. The normal activity within the space, such as the number of adults, number of children, pets and how long the space was occupied.